The Mystery Of Chaco Canyon's Sun Dagger

In the middle of ancient Anasazi - called Chaco Canyon - rises an imposing natural structure called Fajada Butte. On a narrow rocky outcrop at the top of this mountain is a spiritual site of the native people, which got the name "Sun Dagger" and exposed the changing seasons to the astronomers of An asanasazi thousands of years ago. Although the gorge was deserted more than 700 years ago for unknown reasons, the secrets of the dagger remain covert to just a couple of. It inconspicuously marked the course of the seasons for lots of centuries, however lasted just ten years before its discovery and was lost permanently.

Chaco Canyon, Casa Rinconada, The Autumnal Equinox, And Petroglyphs

The method to Casa Rinconada shows the architectural variety of the Chacoan culture. On the south side of the canyon, Casa Rin Conada is the biggest of the excavated Kiva parks. Striking masonry was established in Chaco Canyon to give structure and stability to the big structures. Nevertheless, Casa Rinconada does not seem to have its own large house, and the way to it is circumvented by a course without large homes. It may be that the Casa Rinconada is more a relic of the Chaco culture, or even a part of it, than a new house. The Chacao timeline reveals that it was constructed at a time when its culture was flourishing, and that it may have endured in its present kind long after the norm of a large home or kiva was presented. The village was largely established between 900 and 1150 ADVERTISEMENT, and the complex consists of an interplay of squares, circles and spaces, with a large number of cottages in the center of the town.