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A Concise History of Early Outdoor Water Fountains

A Concise History of Early Outdoor Water Fountains The water from springs and other sources was originally provided to the inhabitants of nearby towns and cities by way of water fountains, whose design was primarily practical, not aesthetic. In the days before electrical power, the spray of fountains was powered by gravity alone, commonly using an aqueduct or water source located far away in the surrounding hills. Inspiring and spectacular, prominent water fountains have been built as memorials in most societies. If you saw the 1st fountains, you probably would not recognize them as fountains.Concise  History Early  Outdoor Water Fountains 695378894888477380.jpg The very first known water fountain was a stone basin created that was used as a receptacle for drinking water and ceremonial purposes. Stone basins as fountains have been recovered from 2,000 B.C.. The jet of water appearing from small spouts was pressured by gravity, the sole power source designers had in those days. Drinking water was supplied by public fountains, long before fountains became decorative public monuments, as striking as they are practical. Fountains with embellished Gods, mythological beasts, and creatures began to appear in Rome in about 6 B.C., made from stone and bronze. Water for the communal fountains of Rome arrived to the city via a complex system of water aqueducts.

Pick from Countless Outdoor Wall Fountain Styles

Pick   Countless Outdoor Wall Fountain Styles 731500982555030.jpg Pick from Countless Outdoor Wall Fountain Styles If you want to have a place to relax as well as add some pizzazz to a small area such as a patio or courtyard, wall fountains are ideal because they do not occupy much space. Traditional, antique, modern, or Asian are just a few of the designs you can pick from when looking for an outdoor wall fountain to your liking. If you are looking for a unique design, a customized one can be specially made to meet your specifications.

There are two specific sorts of fountains you can buy: mounted and stand-alone. You can hang a mounted wall fountain because they are small and self-contained. Wall fountains made of resin (resembling stone) or fiberglass are typically light so they can be easily hung. Free-standing fountains, often referred to as floor fountains, are sizable, have a basin located on the ground and a smooth side which leans against a wall. Water features such as these are typically manufactured of cast stone and have no weight limitations.

Landscape professionals often recommend a individualized fountain for a brand new or existing wall. The basin and all the required plumbing are best installed by a qualified mason. A fountain mask or a spout also needs to be integrated into the wall. A tailor-made wall fountain blends into the landscape instead of standing out because it was a later addition, which adds to a cohesive look.

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