Chaco Culture: Pueblo Builders Of The Southwest

Generally, the culture appears to have collapsed quickly around 1150 A.D., and the surrounding region, the Chaco Canyon area of Arizona and New Mexico, is in a state of confusion about what the hell has actually occurred to the ancestral peoples.Chaco Culture: Pueblo Builders Southwest 70778116.jpg The long-held theory is that the decline was the result of poor land usage and deforestation, however Willis et al (2014 pna) suggest that might not be the case. The point is that we don't understand where the majority of the wood for Chaco's grand homes comes from, and we can't remove local drain sources in the canyon. There appears to be a strong connection in between logging and land loss in the area and the damage of local forests.

Ancient Puebloans Of The Southwest – – Legends Of America

The Spanish word means "village," derived from the name pueblo, which the Spanish explorers called the residence - like homes they discovered in the early 17th century. It was an ancient Indian culture that focused on the Anasazi, a group of individuals in northern New Mexico including a couple of hundred to a hundred thousand individuals.Ancient Puebloans Southwest – – Legends America 772597878418023064.jpg The term is referred to by some as "Anasazis," although the term was not favoured by those who believed that the descendants of the cultural group were the native individuals and not their descendants. It is not clear what the reason for the group is, however it is understood that the Anasazis and the peoples share some of the same faiths.