Hopi Are Descendants Of The Anasazi Indians

The Hopi, who call themselves the descendants of the Anasazi, changed their name from "Anasazis" to "Hisatsinom," implying "Ancient. " In numerous texts and scientists, however, the name "The Anasazi" has ended up being a negative term for the native peoples of Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Arizona.Hopi Descendants Anasazi Indians 99107705.jpg Although the Hopi prefer the term "Hisatsinom," it is likewise shared by other Pueblo peoples who also claim to be the descendants of the ancients. Regrettably, the Anasazi have no written language and nothing is known about the name under which they in fact called themselves. Countless years back, when their civilization came from the southwest, individuals who constructed large stone buildings called their civilizations "Anasazis" and did not call themselves "The An asazi. " The word didn't even exist; it was created centuries later on by Navajo workers employed by white men to dig pots and skeletons in the desert.

The Strange Disappearance Of The Anasazi

Strange Disappearance Anasazi 2157389033531959.jpg One of the archaeological problems of studying civilization is that the absence of written records does not permit us to follow or explain the habits of an Anasazi culture. All the signs are that something even worse has happened, something dark, which ended this amazing civilization. In writing, the An asazi behaved extremely comparable to other ancient civilizations, such as the Neolithic and Bronze Ages. When Navajo Indians, who now reside in all four corners, are asked about something to do with this location, they say, "Something really bad has happened," and they always keep away from the Chaco Canyon. There is no doubt that the Anasazi have left a sinister feeling in the subconscious of every North American Indian, and each tribe has connected its history to this civilization, a story distinguished generation to generation and rejected to strangers within its people. American individuals, i.e. old individuals or old opponents, but this undertone is meaningless because the Navajos were never ever opponents of the Anasazis. The Indian civilization called "Anaszi" stemmed from the basketmakers and not from any other ancient civilization in The United States and Canada.